Early Bird Learning - 3 Year Old Kindy
Our Program
Early Bird Learning is licensed as a Long Day Care and runs for 48 weeks of the year, incorporating school holidays into our program. During the School term, we run a fun, engaging educational program for 3-5year old children.
During school holidays, the daily program will look a little different than during the school terms. Our school Holiday program will be released several weeks before holidays commence and will cater for children between the ages of 3 - 11 years. Children accessing our Pre-Kindy program will have the option to attend during School holidays on their normal days, however it is not compulsory, as some children may need a well deserved break during this time. 

At Early Bird Learning, we use The Early Years Learning Framework, My Time My Place, together with our knowledge of the National Curriculum to provide children with a meaningful and purposeful learning experience. Our program takes into account each child’s individuality, their unique learning style and prior knowledge and experiences.
Children will learn in various learning situations, including whole class, small group and one-to-one and will have the opportunity to use many different learning styles to ensure the success of all children.

At Early Bird learning, we acknowledge and value the importance of learning through play. We encourage children to investigate, explore and discover in a play based environment, where all children are able to experience success and develop a love of learning.

Our Pre-Kindy Program focuses on the following...
  • Developing social skills to enable children to make friends, initiate and maintain conversations, take turns, share, use appropriate manners and language in a variety of situations, negotiate, recognise and discuss feelings, play and work with others.
  • Developing a ‘love of learning’ by harnessing and drawing out each child’s natural curiosity through the manipulation of a wide variety of materials, resources and experiences.
  • Developing and increasing self esteem and self confidence by allowing children the opportunities to explore and develop their individual personalities and interests, whilst ensuring they feel valued and appreciated as a unique and special individual. Children will develop confidence by experiencing success in social and educational situations achieved through the use of open-ended tasks and experiences allowing each child to work at their own ability level.
Develop and consolidate early mathematical skills including sharing, sorting, comparing, counting, classifying, shape knowledge and patterning through play and planned experiences.
  • Developing early literacy skills including pre-reading strategies, concepts of print, role play and experimental writing, speaking and listening skills, introduction to syllabification, rhyming and phonemic awareness (sounds and letters).
  • Developing fine and gross motor skills through play,  table top and outside learning opportunities.
  • Developing ways to express creativity through experimenting with music, art, dance and pretend play.
  • Recognise and value the importance of a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on healthy eating and exercise.
  • Recognise and value the importance of our natural environment and how to take care of the environment in which we live.

Although we follow a similar routine each day, children are free to choose their activities. They choose whether to participate in activities and are free to play and explore in the safe, nurturing environment that we have created.

All activities are designed to be open ended, to allow all children the opportunity to experience success.

We encourage investigation and exploration within our environment and regularly use our observations and knowledge of the children to design activities, and experiences that cater to each child's current needs, interests and abilities.

At Early Bird Learning, we learn through play, exploration, planned activities and experiences and always allow opportunities for incidental learning. We allow the children to guide and negotiate our curriculum whenever possible, creating purposeful, meaningful learning.
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