Early Bird Learning - 3 Year Old Kindy

About Us
As an experienced early childhood teacher, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of developing a love of learning at a young age. Learning needs to be fun, exciting and engaging, whilst still being meaningful and relevant to the world in which we live. At Early Bird Learning, we want all children to leave our program with enthusiasm, confidence, a positive attitude and a real love of learning. 

Staff at Early Bird Learning are a mix of qualified and Experienced Early Childhood Teachers and Education Assistants who are dedicated to providing top quality care for our children. We develop a program based on children's interests along with our curriculum knowledge, aimed at developing the whole child.   
At Early Bird Learning, we provide a safe, comfortable, positive learning environment designed to encourage a child’s natural curiosity and enable them to become risk takers and confident learners.
As a part of our program children will learn skills and concepts through a variety of experiences. We strongly believe in the importance of learning through play and allow children the opportunity to engage in a variety of play situations. We provide children with a variety of learning experiences, both structured and unstructured, and allow children the opportunity to make choices and take risks in a safe and encouraging environment.

At Early Bird Learning, we aim to develop a child’s confidence and self esteem, as well as their social and educational skills to give children a ‘head start’ when entering the school system.
As the saying goes...”The Early Bird catches the worm”
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